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It’s about you

I’m giving you that extra push you need to reach your goals. I would be kidding if I said this was all about Photoshop and Smart Objects. It’s more on how the world see's your craft. When I start making a mockup, I’m thinking about how this could improve your sales and marketing. If I can help you touch that soft spot inside your prospect and make them feel fuzzy towards your creation then my work is done.

It’s important to me that you get the right templates that fit your covers to display your books and products with exceptional quality.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, please drop me a line and I will do my best to make it available.



Here's Me and the Girls… they keep me going 🙂

About me

Hey I’m Mark. I’ve been creating graphics since I was 13. The first program I used for graphics was MacPaint and then later Photoshop 2.0. I live in Oregon with the birds and bees. I’ve also been known to go on a good hike once in a while. I’m married to a beautiful woman and have two kids, they keep me inspired for pursuing my dreams and goals everyday. I’m also the founder of a mockup collection called CoverActionPro. You can find more of my work there.

Who this site is for

This site is for authors and designers alike, who want to call their own shots. The ones that are especially critical on how their craft looks. The ones that are very busy and don’t have time for games. The ones that want something simple and functional for producing results quickly. The ones that express their talent and passion through words and visual arts.

Where to start

My site is growing rapidly and it changes over time with new content so as of now here are the best places to start.

  • Firstly, I highly recommend my newsletter so you can retrieve an email when I put out new stuff. It’s non-intrusive and very simple. You can see a sample newsletter. 
  • As of writing this I have three categories for Mockups and Templates. They are Books, Box Sets and eReaders. These are the most popular areas of the site.
  • Just getting started? I have a video in my Tutorials section that will teach you how to use my Photoshop files. I plan on adding more as I go.

I hit rock bottom

I've always believed I was meant to touch the lives of others, but there was point in my life where I went in the complete opposite direction and it took me to a very dark place. This was mostly through 2012 and 2014. Those were some really challenging years for me. My confidence completely plummeted and I just wanted to hide… I feared everything and didn't trust anyone… I completely lost hope and direction. I was in a mental and financial coma. Feeling like I was having a heart attack— I ended up in the hospital. Little did I know it was a serve panic attack followed by chronic stress. I had these terrible headaches and my vision was a blur. One doctor told me I needed to really slow down. But I didn't know what he was talking about at the time. The truth is, I was causing all this pain myself and I was totally clueless. With a baby girl on the way, I needed a drastic change. I’ve always been a “self healer” kind of guy so I started to read more books about the brain. I found out that I was worried about the future, which lead me down to a miserable life and the present didn’t even exist for me. I then became grateful for everything and my life turned around. I remind myself every day that I am human being of great worth and I'm happy and grateful for everything around me. I am even happy and grateful for you.

Along with personal development I learned to let go and be more authentic while eliminating that social mask of someone I wasn’t. Instead of shaming myself for being so introverted I embraced my strengths and surrendered to the person that I am.

I believe the very thing that will free us from all pain and worry and provide us with everything we want is Love. One of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King Jr is “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. I learned that a gap must be open for reciprocation, as value must return to you from the love you give, even if you don’t want it. Rejecting love and value in return is the denial of worth and love of one self.

My favorite words and quotes.

“If your presence doesn't add value, your absence won't make a difference” – Zero Dean
“Avoid Evil. Because you are likely to turn into the very thing you are fighting against.” — Eckhart Tolle
“Life is the grind. Love the grind and love life. Hate the grind and you hate life”
“You cannot solve violence against people by being violent towards people”
“Being “awesome” doesn't mean simply existing”
“Don’t look at what you know, look at your results”
“Your poverty is not serving anyone”

21 random things about me

  1. I was Born and raised in Southern California.
  2. I played the trumpet in 4th and 5th grade.
  3. I have moved more than 20 times.
  4. I once got trapped in a cave and almost suffocated from smoke.
  5. I lived in Romania for 6 months, where my wife was born.
  6. Writing for me is like scratching a chalkboard.
  7. I once turned down a book writing deal with McGraw-Hill publishing (Photoshop related).
  8. I eat a plant-based diet. Full on Paleo/Ketogenic
  9. I was always the tallest one in my class, but I took the short bus…
  10. I smoked premium cigars for 10 years and quit in 2011.
  11. I dropped out of two engineering colleges.
  12. We once sold all our possessions and moved to Spain with a suitcase, stroller and dog.
  13. I have lost 70lbs 90lbs.
  14. I’m obsessed with time travel movies.
  15. Foods I can’t get enough of are: Grilled Tofu, Organic Blueberries, Chips and Salsa.
  16. I frequently get called by family to take photos or fix a computer.
  17. I shaved my head for about a year.
  18. I have turned down interviews because I think I ramble too much.
  19. I’m not happy with about 99% of the things I make in Photoshop.
  20. I can’t stand Photoshop keyboard shortcuts.
  21. I was voted “Most Talkative” in the 7th and 8th grade Yearbook… and class clown.

How to reach me

You can email me at [email protected] or you can use my Email page.
I check my messages on Facebook
I post stuff on Pinterest.


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