box set template photoshop

Create Massive Box Sets

This image was created using my new Boxset Bundle. This is a premium download that contains 24 mockups. It allows you to create large boxset promos up to 25 books.

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6 x 9 Box set book bundle template psd mockup

6 x 9 3D Box Set Template

Here’s a box set with a twist. Let me know how you like this idea and I can make more. The backdrop is included with this one.

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6 x 9 2-Book Box Set Mockup Template

Great template if you only have 2 books in a series. This is another 6 x 9 size cover, but we have started production on 5 x 8’s! So stayed tuned for these 🙂

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Book box set PSD mockup multi book bundle template

6 x 9 Book Box Set PSD Mockup (Reinvented)

Here’s my 6 x 9 Book box set completely re-created and updated. The spines allow for more artwork coverage and the box set has be rotated (natural direction). I have also made many improvements with the layers and how the mockup was designed.

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6 x 9 box set mockup template

6 x 9 (3 book) Box Set Mockup Template

Make it pretty or evil, it’s up to you. At last, my 3-book box set mockup. You’ll find an optional “horror” backdrop layer with many other customizations. One of my more advanced mockups but I think with basic Photoshop skills you can achieve the look that you want.

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