5 x 8 Mass Paperback Template Mockup PSD

5 x 8 Mass Market Paperback 3D Book Mockup

By request here is a very common 5 x 8 Mass Paperback. You should have no problems with the appearance when placing multiple books side-by-side. The spine is about 2 inches thick. This comes with a backdrop too!

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5 x 8 Stacked Hardcover Template PSD Mockup Promo

5 x 8 Stacked Hardcover Presentation PSD Mockup

I’ve been pushing more 5 x 8 covers upon request. This is a rugged hardback ready for business. Not quite tipping the scale for complexity but very close. Thanks for your feedback and please enjoy.

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5 x 8 Front & Back Cover Paperback Book Mockup Mass Market

5 x 8 Front & Back Cover Paperback Mockup

Display both front and back covers of your Mass Market paperback. As always you can fully customize the the layers, remove the background and reorganize the books. Jump start your book launch or “wow” your client.

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