6 x 9 Box set book bundle template psd mockup

6 x 9 3D Box Set Template

Here’s a box set with a twist. Let me know how you like this idea and I can make more. The backdrop is included with this one.

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6 x 9 2-Book Box Set Mockup Template

Great template if you only have 2 books in a series. This is another 6 x 9 size cover, but we have started production on 5 x 8’s! So stayed tuned for these 🙂

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Book box set PSD mockup multi book bundle template

6 x 9 Book Box Set PSD Mockup (Reinvented)

Here’s my 6 x 9 Book box set completely re-created and updated. The spines allow for more artwork coverage and the box set has be rotated (natural direction). I have also made many improvements with the layers and how the mockup was designed.

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Spiritual Book Set PSD Mockup

6 x 9 “Spiritual” Book Set PSD Mockup

Bringing out the spiritual side today. Take your covers to the sky with this dreamy goodness. Or bring it down to earth! Totally customize the look of this promo to fit your theme.

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5 x 8 Multi Book Series paperback book PSD mockup

5 x 8 Book Series PSD Mockup

Ya baby! Here’s a 5 x 8 Multi book set mockup. Easily customize how many books you want by turning off/on the layer groups. This one is pretty straight forward.

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