6 x 9 2-Book Box Set Mockup Template




Great template if you only have 2 books in a series. This is another 6 x 9 size cover, but we have started production on 5 x 8's! So stayed tuned for these 🙂

Download Photoshop PSD

PSD Info

  • Photoshop File.
  • Mockup works by editing Smart Object layers.
  • 6 x 9 in. Cover.
  • 1.25 Spine.

Cover credit
In house.

Looking for more mockups and different sizes? Check out my big collection.

Mockups are free for you to use in your personal and commercial projects. All I ask for is feedback or a comment below. Distributing the mockups or bundling them into products for resell is prohibited.


  1. These look great! I tried this one, but can’t get rid of the white background. Although I’ve deleted the white background layer and it appears transparent (checked background), when I save it as jpg, it’s a white background. I noticed the others mockups indicated the background is transparent. Is it possible to remove the white background in the 2 book box set template? Thanks!

      • Mark,

        I did that last night, but it took forever and I cancelled it. I was impatient. 🙂 For some reason, it worked quickly just now. Maybe I had two many windows open or something. I don’t know. Thank you!

        I love the effect and they’re not difficult to work with. Your video tutorial helped a lot.

        Have a great day!


  2. You are an Angel!!!
    Thank you very much for providing such beautiful hi-quality mockups without any cost!!
    I believe this is because good people still exist on earth 🙂

    Thanks again,


  3. Franchement je suis très content et surtout reconnaissant pour votre expertise. J’aurais voulu que vous nous aidiez aussi avec des cartes de visites. Merci beaucoup

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