5 x 8 Multi Paperback Book Presentation Mockup

Multi Paperback Book set Presentation Template Mockup PSD Multi Paperback Book bundle promo Template Mockup PSD Multi Paperback Book series Presentation Template Mockup PSD

Multi Paperback Book bundle promo Template Mockup PSD

How about something a little different. Let me know how you like these multi-book presentations. Please leave me a comment with your ideas.

Download Photoshop PSD

File Info

  • Photoshop PSD File.
  • Mockup works by editing Smart Object layers.
  • 5 x 8 in. Cover.
  • 1 in. Spine.
  • 4000 px resolution

Cover credit
The awesome cover designs are by Lorena Martin at Premade Ebook Covers

Looking for more mockups and different sizes? Check out my big collection.

Mockups are free for you to use in your personal and commercial projects. All I ask for is feedback or a comment below. Distributing the mockups or bundling them into products for resell is prohibited.


  1. I really like this look. It allows you to display multiple books in a series and even books not in a series. I’ve been doing this with two books using your single book mockup, just duplicating the layers to achieve.

    Love your book stack too. I’d love to see more variations. Keep up the great work, Mark!

  2. The the multi-book groups are great. That’s something I have to do frequently and this design lends itself well to easily removing unneeded books to get the right number. I’d love to see more in different thicknesses and sizes.

  3. You are amazing, generous, talented, and so appreciated, Mark! Your mockups are beautiful and so easy to use. Thank you!!

  4. This is wonderful! I need help please. I want it to be 4 books so I duplicated Book 3 group and switched off 1 & 2. But if I put the book cover in for Bk 3 it puts it automatically into the Bk 3 copy. How do I separate the duplicate Bk 3 from the original? Thanks!

  5. Such a great work! I love your mockups and this one allows me to display all my 5 books in a row! Thanks so much for your work Mark, I really apprechiate it!

  6. Planning to use your 5-paperback mockup to show some of my existing bookcover designs on an update of my website. Keep up the great work, it’s much appreciated.

  7. These look fabulous, as do ALL of yours. 🙂
    Thanks so much. I’m doing a series which has, (a la Terry Pratchett)
    “sequential novellas”, or groups under the main series, of different genres for diff ages, etc. This will be perfect! x

  8. I’m an author and I’m looking for an amazing 3D mockup to advertise my book series but when it comes to downloading the link, it’s impossible to navigate through! I don’t understand what it is I have to do once I open the link. Shame too…because I really liked some of the templates 🙁

  9. Thank you so much for this! I produce anthologies and I need mockups that have multiple books. So this is wonderful! You’re really helping us indie publishers and authors out!

  10. Thank you for these! I’m using some of your mockups for a couple of projects and I really appreciate them.

  11. Obrigado Mark pelo conteudo que disponibiliza. Você me ajudou muito. Era o que eu estava procurando. Obrigado.

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