5 x 8 Dystopian Ebook Series Mockup

Dystopian Ebook Mockup series PSD template

009-Dystopia-Ebook-Series-Mockup-Preview2 009-Dystopia-Ebook-Series-Mockup-Preview3

I'm on a roll! I'm filling requests for more ebook mockups. Use this mockup to present a series of ebooks— without the illusion of something tangible. Comes in useful when trying to avoid misleading a potential customer of a physical item. The PSD comes with two groups for accommodating a 4 ebook series or even 3!

Download Photoshop PSD


PSD Info

  • 5 x 8 in. Cover
  • Insert your own background.
  • Shadows on separate layers.
  • Glow Layer
  • Light Bursts

Book Cover credit
This awesome cover design is by Lorena Martin at Premade Ebook Covers

Stock Image Details
Shutterstock Extended License

Looking for more mockups and different sizes? Check out my big collection.

Mockups are free for you to use in your personal and commercial projects. All I ask for is feedback or a comment below. Distributing the mockups or bundling them into products for resell is prohibited.


  1. Hello!
    thank your mock ups. As a complete starter when it comes to graphics … what package can I use to drop my book covers onto the mock ups? Something really simple for me to use and manipulate? Many thanks

  2. Hi! I love these mockups and can’t wait to use them, however, for some reason, I can’t open this one on my computer? All the others I’ve tried worked fine but I get an error message with this one… Any suggestions?

  3. I get an error trying to open this file but I’m importing it into Gimp 2.8 (which supports .psd files, and I usually have no trouble importing and working with them). It tells me that the layer mask is partly outside the layer boundary and the mask will be cropped.

    FWIW, the GIMP message is “Error loading PSD file: Unsupported compression mode: 65535”

    I don’t expect you to support an unsupported program, but if the error is something that is preventing it from opening in photoshop, too, it might be worth it to check.

    I LOVE the graphic, and it’s exactly what I need for my own 4-book series. As soon as I can get it to work, I’ll be using it and looking for ways to tip/support you financially. This is a fantastic site you have here.

  4. “This document contains unknown data which will be discarded to keep layers editable.” It only opens folders for books 3 and 4 (no background files either). Photoshop CS6.

    Thanks for these mockup templates…they’re great.

  5. Mark, Your work is great! Very polished and striking! Have you done a dystopian with 6 books yet? Ideally, one on the iPad and 5 free standing… worth an ask!

    • Hi Allen,

      I haven’t made one with 6 yet but it’s a great suggestion and I will consider it for a future template/mockup.

  6. Hi Mark,

    I love this mock-up. Actually, all your mock-ups are first class.

    I’m having the same problem opening the file as Athena Grayson above, GIMP gives me the error: “Error loading PSD file: Unsupported compression mode: 65535”. I think her solution was to send it to a friend with PS, but I don’t have such a thing.

    I also got 4 messages that “The layer mask is partly outside the layer boundary. The mask will be cropped which may result in data loss” (a non-fatal error).

    Can you think of any reasons why this would be the case? (Usually GIMP opens PSD files no problem.) Perhaps you could save the file as a different format?

    Thanks very much,

      • Thanks for replying. I figured out a way around the problem, which I’ll put here in case anyone else has the same problem. You can use ImageMagick (free program) to convert the .psd to .tiff, which then loads in GIMP. Anyway, thanks for your time!

  7. Hi, Mark. Your mockups is beautiful. I want to use some (including this one), but I got trouble while extracting the zip file. Any solutions?

    Thank you

  8. Thank you so much! Your mockups are the most beautiful I have ever seen. I am really thankful for your work!

  9. These are just brilliant, and I can’t believe I am able to use them so freely – really easy to use and they look fantastic. Thank you very, very much from a small indie publisher and author in Shropshire, UK!

  10. Many thanks for this template! Love it 🙂 Used it for a set of eight scifi books! They’re paperback as well as eBook but I like the way this looks – almost like a movie poster!

  11. Swiss fantasy author (in French), I’ll use the ebook mockup to try and find new readers in Québec.
    Thanks for the mockups !
    and all the best for the future in these difficult times

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